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Products l Carpets & Area Rugs - Woven Carpets
Moquette Centre offers a selection of woven carpets made out of wool, a blend of wool and nylon, or Polypropylene, which gives the product very high durability allowing it to be used in commercial and residential applications. Our showrooms offer Axminster and Wilton woven carpets in unlimited patterns and colors. Apart from our in stock items, clients with special projects are free to custom make their own designs.

In both Axminster and Wilton methods the pile is woven at the same time as the backing material, but in Axminster woven carpet, the pile consists of individual tufts, inserted into the backing by a patterning device. This method allows many different colors to be combined in the carpet, often in very intricate designs. Wilton carpet is an industrial weaving technique that derives its name from the type of loom which weaves the yarn in a continuous strand. This technique permits only a few colors to be used in the carpet.

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